Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration

Mrs. Potter is not only a great teacher, but a sweet person as well! Today she treated us Moms to a wonderful celebration.
First, we were greeted with poems that our kids had written and beautiful flowers they potted especially for us......

Then, the kids sang some songs for us.....

Singing 'Proud to be an American'

This song they sang to the tune of 'The Addams Family'

Finally, we were served up some delicious cake and punch.....
Mason and Mrs. Potter

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gymnastics SUPERSTAR

Another year of gymnastics has come to an end. For the past 3 years, Reagan has absolutely loved her time spent at Step Ahead Gymnastics. Ms. Christy (owner), "Aunt" Colleen (office mgr.), and all of her coaches have been wonderful and Reagan has learned so much. Today she had her final class and since we are moving and will miss Trophy Day, her coach presented her with her trophy today. So long Step Ahead!

Stamping Tatum and Kailyn's hands.

Yesssssss.....I got my trophy!!


This is a Very Important Post for a Very Important Person......MASON!! This week he was chosen as the V.I.P. in his classroom. He filled out an 'All About Me' paper that hung in the cafeteria all week and will get a free bag of popcorn on Friday. We were invited to a special lunch today where Mason and all the V.I.P.'s were individually recognized and presented with an award. Way to go Mason, we're very proud of you!!

Mason with Principal Osgood

Top Ten

David Letterman can do it, and so can I. Here's a Top Ten List of things I'll miss about living in North Carolina.

Drum roll please.......

10. $20.00 Registration for Youth Sports (trophy included!)
9. Step Ahead Gymnastics
8. Shopping at the Commissary/Exchange (no sales tax, need I say more?)
7. Onslow Beach (yeah, yeah, I know it's not tropical or exotic like other beaches, but still beautiful in its own way)
6. Hamburger Steak Plate at Andy's (I'll miss you, my meaty friend)
5. Gyros at Jesse's (best.gyro.ever.....hand's down)
4. Johnson Primary & Bitz Intermediate (great schools, full of great teachers and staff.....big shout out to Mrs. Potter, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Hughes for all you have done for Mason & Reagan!)
3. Living on a Marine Corps Base (those plastic broads from 'The Real Housewives' aren't the only ones who live in a gated community!)
2. My Awesome Friends (the Marine Corps is a small world, so maybe we'll meet again)
1. The Hoskins Family (seriously Autumn, I don't know what I'm gonna do without you or what my kids will do without your kids! Who's gonna carry Reagan around EVERYWHERE like Alexis does? And Mason's gonna be lost without his brothers Andrew & Kaleb to hang with! Kaleb, your 'Udder Mudder' will miss you! And Jake, can't forget about Jake, we'll miss you too. What's Adrian gonna do without his Jakeypoo?)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


The Girl Scouts held their annual Camporee today at Camp Brewster on Camp Lejeune (wow, that's a lot of CAMPs in one sentence!!). It actually goes from Friday-Sunday, but Reagan's troop only went for the day today. She had a softball game this morning, so she didn't get there until around 11:30, but was able to make up most of the things she missed earlier in the morning. She got to go canoeing, shoot a bow & arrow at the archery area, do some arts & crafts and lots of other fun things too. She even built a building out of empty GS cookie boxes!! The girls were supposed to stay for the campfire tonight, but the rain forced them home early. When she got home she was filthy and exhausted, but had a GREAT time!

Sign reads "Camporee:SURVIVOR"

Picnic lunch with Jenny, Mackenzie, Kate, Madison H., Kristian & Reagan

Cute bag that Reagan made at Camporee.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name

Reagan's latest school project was to create a diagram of the life cycle of a plant or insect. After much deliberation, she chose the rose. She did her research on the Internet, then I sketched the pictures for her and she colored and labeled them. We went down the street to my friend Karen's house (who has a beautifully landscaped yard) and she snipped a rose and rosebud that we attached to her paper. Thanks Karen!

Welcome Home Daddy!

Adrian is coming home today! He has been in California for Recruiters School for the past 2 months and the kids and I have missed him so much! His flight lands at 2:49 p.m. and we cannot wait see him!! The kids made a cute sign to welcome him home, I know he will love it. Good news? He's coming home. Bad news? We're going on Recruiting Duty. More good news? We'll be back in Texas. More bad news? It's Lubbock, TX!!